White Bumps on Tonsils

By | October 15, 2016

What to know about White Bumps on tonsils? While bumps on tonsils are called as “tonsil stones” or tonsilloliths and they cause bad breath and uncomfortable conditions. The bumps are yellow or gray in color and sizes vary.

Some have very tiny ones that are hardly noticeable while some others will have pain, uncomfortable or causing sore throats or ear aches, thereby patient end up with hard white bumps on tonsils.

Description and details of white bumps on tonsils

Mostly the stones are in white color, but in some cases they are of green and yellow stones color as well.

Tonsilloliths are made up of bits of food, mucus, dead cells, and other debris that gathers in the pockets of the tonsils and that usually have the foul smell of bad breath. Most people have small tonsil stones and it is impossible to find a large and calcified stone.

Doctor may perform a strep test or throat swab culture, to determine the cause of the white bumps. After the start of treatment, the symptoms usually get better in 3 or 4 days. Other common symptoms of tonsillitis coughing pain in the ears and headaches.

One of the most common causes of white lumps which appeared inside the throat is tonsillitis. White pus filled lumps on the tonsils and the back of throat are common occurrence in tonsillitis. During the course of treatment the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to cure a bacterial infection.

Usually a foul odour and bad breath indicates the presence of pus bumps on the throat. White spots on tonsils are usually is a pus that gets developed as white blood cells which kills off the bacteria or viruses infecting the tissue.

Formation of white pus bumps on tonsils is associated with frequent colds, episodes of chronic, rhinitis and acute tonsillitis and even cavities. To release the pus from bumps, in this case wrap the finger in a few layers of gauze and rub every tonsil slightly pressing on it.

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