Tonsil Stones Removal Procedures

The medical name of tonsil stones is tonsilloliths and it crop up when calcium salts form in the crevices and pockets of tonsils. This accumulation of calcium salts is called as calcification. One must understand the root causes of this problem to know the removal of tonsil stone.

The symptoms which are associated with tonsil stones are not threat to life but cause uncomfortable, humiliated, and painful too.

Procedures of removal of Tonsil Stones:

There are few procedures for the removal of tonsil stones, they are explained below;

  • Non –Surgical
  • Surgical

Non-Surgical: They are also known as natural remedies for tonsil stones. Following are the tips which can eliminate tonsil stones in its initial stage from developing or coming back.3

Most people prefer following non surgical procedures for the treatment of tonsil stones like salt water gargle, oral irrigators, or removing of dairy products from their diet. Sometimes stones are so tiny and undetectable therefore treatment is not undertaken because minimal chances of problem arising.

 Note: If any person’s oral health and immune system is good enough tonsil stones will sometimes go away on their own.

Tonsil stones removal via Surgical procedures:

Surgical procedures are the last resort when others are failed. Surgical is considering the following are experienced:

  • caused the tonsils to swell up
  • too difficult to eat or chew food
  • recurring or persistent tonsilloliths
  • bad breath ( persistent halitosis)
  • difficult to sleep

Tonsil stones removal via Tonsillectomy:

Surgeon either remove the tonsils completely or partial tonsillectomy. Partial tonsillectomy is less pain full and the recovery is faster. However, the chances of coming back of tonsils are high as compared to complete tonsillectomy procedure. Tonsillectomy is performed by a procedure known as coblation which takes 15-20 minutes. After the surgery patient is required to have liquid diet. Other post surgical symptoms are constipation, dehydration, swollen svula.

Tonsil stones removal via Cryptolysis:

This procedure involves using a laser to rid you of tonsil stones and recovery is fast with minimal pain.

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