Symptoms of Tonsillitis

By | October 15, 2016

The main symptoms of Tonsillitis is swelling of the tonsils usually act like filters to trap bacterial infection and viruses. Oval shaped masses of lymph gland tissue formed on both sides of the back of the throat. Briefly, tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsillitis is common condition and found in children, teenagers and young adults.

Symptoms of Tonsillitis

There are many symptoms associated with tonsillitis due to excessive inflammation and swelling which are listed below:

  • Unable to swallow and breath through mouth
  • Swollen glands in the neck or jaw area.
  • A white or yellow coating on the tonsils
  • Ulcers or painful blisters on the throat
  • Hoarseness or loss of voice
  • Tenderness or the throat pain
  • Reddishness or swelling on the tonsills
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever, chills
  • Bad breath
  • Headache
  • Ear pain.

The symptoms of tonsillitis usually get better and improved after three to four days. If tonsillitis is caused due to a viral infection, like common cold or flu, then it is very mild and can be easily cured. And if tonsillitis is caused by a bacterial infection like streptococcal infection, then this sign will be more intense and will lead to bad breath. It is difficult to diagnose just by looking the patient throat so to get the exact problem, some tests are required to be conducted as directed by your doctor.

Tonsillitis has no other long term effects if it is detected and treated promptly in initial stage. It may lead to other medical conditions if not properly treated such as kidney inflammation, rheumatic fever, and blockage in child’s breathing passage. The proper treatment and dosage should be given to patient for the particular symptoms and age of the patient.

Less Common Symptoms of Tonsillitis

  • Fatigue
  • stomach ache
  • vomiting
  • furry tongue
  • changes in the sound of the voice
  • difficulty in opening the mouth.

It is important to know that magnesium and phosphorus materials can also pop up and cause tonsil stones symptoms.

Action to be Done for controlling symptoms of Tonsillitis

  1. Consult doctor when ever symptoms occurred.
  2. Apply home treatment for immediate relief
  3. Natural and herbal remedies should be opted in order to prevent the tonsil from getting back.

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